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The Return of The Crossover Alliance Publishing Company

The Crossover Alliance Publishing Company Logo

In July of 2015, the doors opened to a new, unique publishing company known as The Crossover Alliance. The Crossover Alliance was all about releasing stories that contained both Christian themes and real-world content. The need for such a company was apparent when many authors were being rejected from secular publishing companies because of the religious themes in their books, and rejected from Christian publishing houses because of their real-world (or edgy) content.

A crossover was needed.

It started as an online community for authors of such crossover content to gather and get to know each other and each others' work. It quickly evolved into an actual publishing company.

The Crossover Alliance ran for five years. Was it successful? It certainly brought attention to this unique blend of fiction. Books were published, the company was able to sustain itself, and the community of authors and readers of this type of fiction grew steadily.

Life, however, always wants to intervene. Always insists on intervening. In 2018, I went through a divorce, one which wreaked havoc on my own personal world. I did my best to run The Crossover Alliance through the storm, juggling a full-time job, The Crossover Alliance, caring for my son, and trying to heal from the worst episode of my life.

I eventually came to a point where I had to remove something from my plate in order to succeed in recovering properly from the ordeal, so I chose to close the doors of The Crossover Alliance with much hesitation, guilt, and turmoil. We were about to release a new book, but as with most things in life, there is no 'good' time to pull the plug on certain things.

I closed the doors of the publishing company and focused on healing the wounds in my life.

Fast forward to July of 2023. I am remarried. I am fully healed. With the encouragement and support of my new wife, I am reopening the doors to The Crossover Alliance in the hopes of making it the success I had hoped for back in 2015.

This time, we aren't just publishing fiction. We are also going to provide Author Services that will help authors craft their Christian fiction with real-world content. We will be focusing on not only fiction novels and novellas, but also standalone short stories, a literary magazine, and non-fiction stories of testimony and struggle.

With so many publishing companies closing their doors nowadays because of the economy, printing costs, woke culture, etc. is now a good time to reopen The Crossover Alliance?

Yes. Now is THE time to reopen the doors.

Welcome to The Crossover Alliance.

David N. Alderman (Founder of The Crossover Alliance)

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Love the idea that you're also doing short stories, a a literary magazine and non-fiction stories of testimonies and struggles.

Any thoughts about collaborating with folks like Radiqx Press (Peter Younghusband, David Bergland) , Parker Cole, RealmMakers, Lorehaven, etc.?



Teddi Deppner
Teddi Deppner
Jul 18, 2023

Great to see you back, C.A.! Always liked the concept of this publishing company.

Replying to

It's great to be back, Teddi!

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