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Available for Preorder: Beast by Mark Carver and Michael Anatra

You can now preorder Mark Carver's Beast for your Kindle, due to release on February 27. Paperback will also be available on that date!

MAN UP. MFEC-19, "The Beast," towers over the offshore oil fields in the Pacific Northwest, and Kyle Hamilton, an experienced derrickhand who has survived a brush with death, is thrilled and terrified to be a part of the team that keeps the monster in check.

But the Beast bows to no man.

One slip, one mistake, and all hell breaks loose above the storm-swept waters. The Beast thrashes itself apart, unleashing an industrial cataclysm unlike anything the world has ever seen. Using his quick wits, hoping for good luck, and praying for a miracle, Kyle fights to save his crew and himself, but the will to survive comes with heavy costs.

And the Beast will show no mercy.

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