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The Black Earth Series

by David N. Alderman

The falling stars were only the beginning...


ISBN: 978-1-945712-14-2


Book 1 - End of the Innocence

The night the stars fell was only the beginning of the end.


At Nathan Pierce’s high school graduation, hundreds of meteorites strike Earth, dealing a devastating blow to humanity. With help from his sister, Daisy, Nathan travels to Phoenix to search for his missing parents in the chaos, only to discover his parents – and the meteorites – are hiding dark secrets that could spell the end of humanity.


Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away at a church camp in California, Heather Rhodes struggles with the guilt of a car accident she caused days earlier that took the life of a newborn. While the stars crash to Earth, Heather stumbles into newfound powers that she will need to save herself – and those around her – from certain destruction.


During the global crisis, the President of the United States makes it her personal mission to keep the country on the right track by implementing – and enforcing – the Falling Star Directives. Freedoms are slowly stripped from American citizens as the sides of friend and foe become blurred, and family turns against family in an attempt to show loyalty and support of the new laws.


But in the midst of the chaos, a dark realization begins to blossom, one that may have been discovered too late: the falling stars may not be stars at all…

Book 2 - The Broken Daisy

The stars have fallen, and the world is tilting into darkness.

"From dust you came, to ash you go." - These terrifying words are found spray-painted on an office wall in Tucson. It is a message left by Legion, an otherworldly entity that traveled to Earth in the fallen stars. Now Legion is enveloping the world in darkness, disintegrating almost everything in its path and leaving nothing to stand in its way of the planet's destruction.

Nathan Pierce is on the run for forging the president's mandatory barcode tattoo. With a bounty on his head, Nathan finds an unexpected ally in Cynthia Ruin, who agrees to help him save his sister, Daisy, from being executed for treason. But Cynthia's mother, Theresa, is the one who betrayed Nathan and Daisy. Surrounded by suspicion and doubt, Nathan struggles to stay one step ahead of the world that's against him, and keep tabs on Cynthia, who may or may not end up selling him out in the end.


In the midst of the darkness, those still alive are forced to fight against Legion's malevolence or lose their humanity beneath it.


ISBN: 978-1-945712-15-9



ISBN: 978-1-945712-16-6

Book 3 - Dark Masquerade

Darkness has engulfed the world, and the nightmare has begun.

Two weeks have passed since Nathan Pierce battled the Great Witch, Evanescence, and rescued Pearl from her mother's corrupt influence. Nathan now finds himself inhabiting a mall in northern California with members of Absolute's Rebellion, holding onto hope that his sister, Daisy, hasn't been executed for treason yet and keeping a watchful eye on Pearl-an immortal girl branded with a black key mark that could unlock destruction upon the earth.


When a stranger strolls in from the darkness with a lead on Daisy's whereabouts, Nathan sets off on a journey into the Broken Lands to find her. But to save his doomed sibling, Nathan must maneuver through a horrifying landscape of terrifying creatures and violence, dodging both the President of the United States and Legion-an alien entity intent on destroying the world.


Book 4 - Exodus

In the midst of the world’s darkest nightmares, light shines the brightest.

In what began as a star falling in the distant Phoenix sky, Legion's invasion of Earth has led Nathan Pierce through the twisted depths of the human spirit in search of his family and truth. After a bloody and brutal confrontation with the President of the United States in Echo city, Nathan and his friends find themselves on a new path leading through the Broken Lands-toward the city of Providence, California, the battleground upon which humanity will make a stand against the Dark Army and Legion itself.

But as Nathan's group journeys through bomb-ravaged cities and demon-infested highways to reach Providence, those determined to put an end to Nathan's life enact a final plan to stop him, his friends, and humanity as a whole. An offer is made to rewind time and put back the wrongs that Professor Grey's time travels have caused. Everything can be restored. But at what cost?

While war rages across the planet, the fragmented shards of Shadowbanish come together to form a weapon that can finally tip the scales in humanity's favor, but only if the hero meant to wield it can endure the trials of Earth's final days.


ISBN: 978-1-945712-17-3



What Readers Are Saying

“My expectations were blown away when I started reading this book. The story line is absolutely captivating. It is refreshing to read a science fiction book with a christian background that doesn’t come off corny. By far this is a must read.”


— Terry R. Hiegel

“Let me start with this: if you’ve been frustrated with Christian fiction before, don’t write this book off and definitely give it a try. He doesn’t hesitate to communicate real life as it is. No rose-colored glasses, no G rating. I’ve never read another book like this one because it’s definitely sci-fi but with a Christian twist, I don’t really know how else to explain it. It’s like a mid-apocalyptic, dystopian, science fiction novel that combines some of the ideas in the book of Revelation in the bible.”

— Amanda Liston

David N. Alderman / Author

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Born at the tail end of the 70’s, I reveled in the pop culture of the 80’s and 90’s, building my childhood around the success of Star Wars, the jokes of Ace Ventura, and the adventure of The Goonies. My passion for writing began in the early 90’s, and I finished my first novel when I was 16. With the death of my grandmother - who was my biggest fan - I stopped writing and sought adventure, traveling constantly between California and Arizona as I fought to find a purpose while also walking the long-winding, and incredibly narrow, trail of faith.

Decades later, I find myself here in Arizona, happily married, with a son to raise, and a long road of written stories behind me.

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