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About Us

A Different Kind of Christian Fiction

The Crossover Alliance is a unique publishing company specializing in Christian fiction that contains edgy, real-world content. We weren't satisfied with the 'rules' that many Christian publishing companies have tried to pin Christian authors in - however well-intended these rules were - and so we set out to create a publishing company that both breaks many of these rules and also adheres to biblical principles. Our fiction is fearless, sometimes scary, sometimes raw and edgy. But there in the middle of it all you will find a light to help you find your way through it, you will more than likely find redemption within the darkness, and most importantly you will find fiction that is true to the story, not the rules.

Who is The Crossover Alliance?

Since 1991, I have been writing fiction - science fiction, adventure, and mystery stories. In the mid-90's, I finished my first full-length novel, and in the first part of the 2000's, I started down the road of self-publishing when ebooks were nothing more than PDFs, and Createspace took the stage as one of the earlier POD (Print On Demand) platforms.

In 2009, through the use of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), I began to write an apocalyptic series that can only be described as Christian fiction with real-world content. The Black Earth Series was born.


The creation of The Black Earth Series sparked off interest by other authors in creating a community designed around the those who wrote this same type of fiction.

In 2014, The Crossover Alliance publishing company was born out of the need for unsanitized Christian Fiction. The Crossover ran for five years before I had to shutter the doors due to an unfortunate and involuntary divorce. Juggling a full-time job, caring for my son, and attempting to heal from divorce's devastation, I took time to reestablish my motives for business and writing.

After healing from my divorce and reestablishing my direction, I have reopened The Crossover Alliance for good in the hopes of continuing what I first started out to do - create a community for authors and readers of Christian Fiction with real-world content while also running a publishing hub for the writers of this fantastic form of fiction.

In my spare time, I pour into my son, run DivorceCare classes at the local church, and train in Martial Arts. I am also an avid gamer, originating from the days of the Commodore 64.

My goal with The Crossover Alliance is to show the world that Christian Fiction doesn't have to be watered-down, and that stories can be entertaining, edgy, and faith-filled - all at the same time.

David N. Alderman


What We Publish

When we say 'real-world content' in Christian fiction, you might be wondering what that covers exactly. Real-world content can mean a great many things - violence, cursing, sexual content, etc. But it can also represent themes that aren't always welcomed or addressed in Christian fiction, such as abortion, slavery, genocide, etc. We want to be a publishing company that specializes in compelling, true-to-the-story, authentic fiction while also keeping with Biblical standards. We don't try to be edgy just to be edgy. We aren't into shock-and-awe, but more into telling a story that entertains, enriches, and even sometimes digs to the deepest part of you and shows you the horrors of the world while also showing you the path through those horrors.

In addition to publishing Christian fiction, TCA is now open to publishing Christian non-fiction. This includes true stories of testimony, theological volumes, and commentaries on present day spiritual warfare. We want stories that encourage readers and help facilitate a quest for a deeper knowledge of Christ and Christ’s call on our lives.

Biblical Core Standards

The Crossover Alliance takes a passionate and uncompromising stance in regards to the type of fiction we publish. The very nature of our company – speculative fiction with edgy content and Christian themes – requires that we uphold strict standards of doctrine.

All submissions to The Crossover Alliance must hold to central Christian doctrines. Central Christian doctrines are defined as such: the Trinity, the deity of Jesus Christ, the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, the atoning work of Christ on the cross, and salvation by grace through faith.

These doctrines may not always be plainly evident or present in your work, but your work must not seek to deny or deteriorate these doctrines. Additionally, all authors who publish work underneath our label must hold to central Christian doctrines in their own life.

We understand that there are certain doctrinal issues that many Christians will not always see eye-to-eye on such as the timing of the tribulation or how churches should be structured. And many Biblical verses contain gaps in story, leaving room for speculation – which is why some speculative fiction exists. However, these stories should not veer from grounded and clear Biblical passages in both the Old and New Testament that would oppose or invalidate these views.

While your work will contain various edgy types of content such as violence, sexual content, or vulgar language, understand that we will weigh this content against a number of things. It is good to keep in mind 1 Corinthians 10:23 (NASB) - All things are lawful, but not all things are profitable. All things are lawful, but not all things edify.

Is the edgy content included in your work to make it more relatable to your readers, add to your various characters’ development, or create a backdrop of the world we live in today? Is this edgy content introduced in your work in a responsible manner? In other words, you might have a graphic sex scene in your story. However, a story featuring multiple scenes where the main character is continually having sex with a multitude of partners with each scene being written in graphic detail, most likely will not be accepted. We will not entertain submissions that are filled with this content just to make the work edgy.

While most of the aforementioned standards apply to our Christian fiction, Christian non-fiction has more breadth when it comes to content. Certain testimonials or theological discussions can involve graphic depictions or stories that might be inappropriate for younger readers. As with our fiction, we do our best to be responsible with the publishing of this content while avoiding the sanitation of compelling stories and discussions.

If you have any questions in regards to content you are unsure about, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask.

Statement of Beliefs

While we have standards for the writing that is accepted by The Crossover Alliance, we also have expectations of those who publish through us. Our contracts contain a Moral Turpitude clause that requires authors to live a life that mirrors the company's statement of beliefs.

This summary of our beliefs are separate from what we expect in our fiction. This is what The Crossover Alliance expects to be visible in our author's own life both personally and how they present themselves to the public via social media and other similar outlets.

All authors engaged with publication through The Crossover Alliance must hold to Central Christian Doctrines. Though theology can differ from individual interpretation, the following is a brief list of issues we do not compromise on:

- We believe that God created each person male or female, and that categorization is dependent upon the sex they were assigned at birth.

- We believe life begins at conception and that the taking of such life through abortion or other similar means is against God's will.

- We believe the term 'marriage' only has one meaning: the union of one man and one woman.

- We believe sexual intimacy should only occur between a man and a woman who are married to one another.

- We believe that any form of sexual immorality (including homosexual behavior, bestiality, incest, adultery, fornication, pornography, bisexual conduct, etc.) is sinful.

- We believe each person is a creation of God, and that each person should be respected as such, regardless of sinful conduct.

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