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For years, Mr. Big terrorized the city of Lysallis and most of Enera, carving a path of destruction and chaos through most of Western Anaisha. To put a stop to him once and for all, the teen heroes known as the Lazerblades engage in a joint venture with the Enera government to enact The LZR Project in the hopes of bringing Lysallis's crime lord - and his thugs - to justice.

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A Kindle Vella Short Story Series

David N. Alderman

26 of 40 episodes now available. New episodes weekly!

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The Black Earth Series

The night the stars fell was only the beginning of the end.

It was a single car accident that changed the course of humanity's history. During a routine driving test in the small town of Gilbert, Arizona, Nathan Pierce and Heather Rhodes careened into an SUV, killing a newborn baby. The shockwave was felt not only by those in the accident, but through the corridor of this reality.

Days after the accident, Nathan—Afflicted with a head wound—is having visions of an immortal girl attempting to commit suicide. Heather Rhodes, wracked with guilt for the death of the newborn, discovers she has the uncanny ability to create light shields to protect her from harm. Little do Nathan or Heather know that they have assumed uncompromising roles in the battle for Earth's survival.

On a warm summer evening—one the world will never forget—the twinkling stars in the dark void of space begin to fall from their heavenly ceiling and crash into Earth, bringing with them an evil humanity has never known before. Legion, an alien entity also known as The Swallower of Worlds, has joined forces with Satan's Dark Army in an attempt to annihilate all of creation.

It is a day humanity will never recover from, the day good and evil clash and the bloody road to Earth's destruction begins...

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Image by Jas Min

Some dark roots are meant to stay buried…

For as long as he can remember, Harvey Elder has always known Midnight City to be a place of murder and mystery. City residents are always winding up dead, usually under mysterious circumstances, or strange, unexplained happenings are constantly occurring, lending to the rumors that Midnight City is a hub for otherworldly beings. But lately, the crime rate has quickly outpaced the police and detective resources, forcing some people to flee the city into the suburbs beyond, or become police officers or detectives themselves to help stem the tide of crime.

Disgraced from his role as an official detective because of an incident involving the murder of a teenage girl, Harvey finds himself stuck in Midnight City, forced to take on menial investigations to make ends meet, including cases of missing jewelry and kidnapped pets. But when a call comes to him about the Death Rose – a flower with mythical properties – being stolen from the local botanical garden, he reluctantly decides to take the case. The pay is intriguing enough, and the opportunity could help Harvey both get out of the rut he is in and maybe even convince his ex-girlfriend to take him back.

But Harvey soon learns there’s more to this case than just a missing flower. These are the affairs of the wealthy elite of Midnight City, and they refuse to allow a washed-up detective to meddle in their societal issues. To get to the bottom of this case, Harvey will have to outmaneuver the wiles of a group of the city’s elite women while also navigating through the strange and unexplained traits of Midnight City.

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MFEC-19, "The Beast," towers over the offshore oil fields in the Pacific Northwest, and Kyle Hamilton, an experienced derrickhand who has survived a brush with death, is thrilled and terrified to be a part of the team that keeps the monster in check.

But the Beast bows to no man.


One slip, one mistake, and all hell breaks loose above the storm-swept waters. The Beast thrashes itself apart, unleashing an industrial cataclysm unlike anything the world has ever seen. Using his quick wits, hoping for good luck, and praying for a miracle, Kyle fights to save his crew and himself, but the will to survive comes with heavy costs.

And the Beast will show no mercy.


Jonathan Huxley, a homeless boy living on the streets of Mecca, meets a wealthy gentleman who offers to take him in as an adopted son - if he'll wed the daughter of a family friend. But all is not as it seems in the world of wealth and power, as Jonathan is soon forced to make a decision between a secure future or forbidden love. While he fights to keep hold of what little is left of his innocence, the events surrounding him are shaping him into the notorious mercenary he will soon become.

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When ex-hero David Corbin receives an unexpected wedding invitation from the girl he once loved, he sets out on a journey to South Ryshard to crash the event and proclaim his true feelings to her. With help from his close friend, Veronica, and a girl named Kimberly, David battles his way through crooked agents, a crazed farmer, and a demon hybrid to reach the wedding on time. Only when he runs into Turquoise, a mysterious woman on her own mission to stop the wedding and procure an enchanted timepiece, does he realize that the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

Carrie Green is days away from marrying Jerad Montlier, one of the richest men in the world. Lacking memories of her past, and displaying a peculiar spiral birthmark on her shoulder blade, Carrie is spun into further confusion when a diary with her name on it falls into her possession. Reading the entries inside sparks a recollection of her past and reveals the horrifying trap that’s been set.

Heroes’ paths collide at the beginning of the end...

The Expired Reality Series

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SALVATION MUST BE PAID IN BLOOD. The Black Death ravages 14th century Europe. Kingdoms crumble, cities fall, family members abandon one another. God has forsaken His children and now chaos reigns. A young man who has lost everything is swept up in the turmoil and finds his calling in the Brotherhood of the Cross - groups of pious men and women who viciously whip themselves as they parade through the streets of sinful cities, hoping their sacrifice will atone for the iniquities of the people. As the scars grow on Nikolai's back, he purges himself of lust, fear, and doubt, but the price he pays will threaten his very soul.

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Detective Hale was used to solving murders. As one of Jameson's premier detectives, he thought he had seen all that the seedy side of the city had to offer. But when he investigates a gruesome slaughter where the killer leaves an origami crane soaked in the victim’s blood, Hale knows he’s dealing with the Red Crane, a serial murderer killing seemingly random people in the city.


As Hale follows the clues to track down the elusive Red Crane, he becomes aware of how close the killer is actually getting to him. Each victim seems to have some connection to Hale, and his family could be the Crane’s next victims. Jameson is dangerous enough, but with a killer who can’t be seen, temptations that can’t be resisted, and widespread bloodshed of the innocent, the city might never recover from an evil that only Detective Hale can stop.

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Two women haunted by dark pasts.


Two twisting stories of origin and growing into ones' destiny.

Turquoise's Story

Abducted by the Anaishan Global Science and Discovery Team when she was only a child, Tiffany Sweet is determined to escape and reunite with her family now that she is of age. But the Team isn't ready to let her go so easily. With her childhood memories being wiped one by one, can Tiffany  escape captivity, or will she succumb to the bent motivations of a corrupt organization who want only to see her become Turquoise Wedge - a weapon for their own purposes?

Veronica's Story

Veronica Amorou is offered a chance to learn the Dark Arts from Simper Creed. She agrees in the hopes of using her newfound training to protect David Corbin and the rest of the Lazerblades in their fight against evil. But the more Veronica learns of the Dark Arts, the deeper she plunges into a cult bent on human trafficking, dark magic, and old gods who are bent on the world’s destruction.


Jennifer Glass – Vector – has managed to travel through time and space in an effort to save her world and protect the one man she loves – David Corbin. In the process, the damage she has wrought on the boundaries between our world and the worlds next door has been consequential and may lead to the destruction of reality itself.


When she stumbles into AD 33, at the time of Christ’s crucifixion, Jennifer realizes she must stop moving through time in order to preserve what is left of it. She decides to put a stop to the crucifixion in an effort to enable Jesus to take his rightful place as king and prevent evil from thriving in the years to come.


But an integral event such as the crucifixion cannot be stopped so easily. And when Jennifer has a face-to-face encounter with Jesus Himself, she realizes everything she believed was a lie, and that her own efforts to save the world – and prevent evil from thriving – have been in vain.

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