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Nikolai the Penitent

by Mark Carver

A Novel of the Brotherhood of the Cross

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Nikolai the Penitent



The Black Death ravages 14th century Europe. Kingdoms crumble, cities fall, family members abandon one another. God has forsaken His children and now chaos reigns. A young man who has lost everything is swept up in the turmoil and finds his calling in the Brotherhood of the Cross - groups of pious men and women who viciously whip themselves as they parade through the streets of sinful cities, hoping their sacrifice will atone for the iniquities of the people. As the scars grow on Nikolai's back, he purges himself of lust, fear, and doubt, but the price he pays will threaten his very soul.



What Readers Are Saying

"...A harrowing, challenging, dark Christian book..."

Mark Carver / Author

"...Not for the fainthearted or weak-stomached."

"...A fantastic piece of work that kept me enthralled throughout."

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Mark Carver writes edgy, intense Christian fiction that illuminates the truth of the Gospel while not shying away from dark and challenging topics. He also writes lighter, more inspirational stories under a pen name to avoid confusing his readers. Mark lives with his family in north Georgia. He enjoys art, literature, nature, and gardening.

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