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Release Day: The Expired Reality Series by David N. Alderman

Today is release day for The Expired Reality Series by David N. Alderman! The Expired Reality Series is a science fiction/fantasy/adventure series that speaks of heroes, villains, time travel, and the end of reality.

This is a long-running series, with the first three books available in ebook and paperback formats.

The fate of reality rests on the shoulder of one girl...   

When ex-hero David Corbin receives an unexpected wedding invitation from the girl he once loved, he sets out on a journey to South Ryshard to crash the event and proclaim his true feelings to her. With help from his close friend, Veronica, and a girl named Kimberly, David battles his way through crooked agents, a crazed farmer and a demon hybrid to reach the wedding on time. Only when he runs into Turquoise, a mysterious woman on her own mission to stop the wedding and procure an enchanted timepiece, does he realize that the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

Carrie Green is days away from marrying Jerad Montlier, one of the richest men in the world. Lacking memories of her past, and displaying a peculiar spiral birthmark on her shoulder blade, Carrie is spun into further confusion when a diary with her name on it falls into her possession. Reading the entries inside sparks a recollection of her past and reveals the horrifying trap that’s been set.

As heroes’ paths collide, so starts the beginning of the end!

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