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We Are Now Taking Submissions For Our Upcoming Anthology!

Broken is our upcoming divorce-themed short story anthology. Submit your story today!

We do Christian Fiction differently...

We are a publishing company specializing in Christian Fiction with real-world content. But we're really more than just a publishing company. We strive to build community for the authors specializing in this specific type of fiction. We also offer a variety of different tools, resources, and services to help to this end.

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Author Services

Writing Christian Fiction with real-world content can be challenging. Heck, writing a novel or story in general can be challenging. What we've learned is that it always pays to have a second set of eyes on your work to help you see the forest for the trees.

We offer an Author Services package to help get your story from draft to published book. This service is not required for those who have stories that have been accepted by The Crossover Alliance for publication. We are not a vanity press, we are simply offering services for those who decide The Crossover Alliance isn't the publishing house for their work.

Our packages include a Manuscript Evaluation, a Copy Edit, and book formatting.








We are currently taking submissions!

Have a short story, novella, or novel that's ready to be published?

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