TCA Anthology V2 - (MOBI File)

TCA Anthology V2 Kindle Cover (Cropped).png
TCA Anthology V2 Kindle Cover (Cropped).png

TCA Anthology V2 - (MOBI File)


Where Light Shines Brighter In The Darkness...

Human trafficking. Vampires. Abortion.

These aren't typical themes you would find in a Christian story. But this isn't a typical collection of Christian stories. In the Crossover Alliance's second volume of short stories showcasing edgy Christian speculative fiction, you'll journey through worlds of fantasy, fight against slavery, face your darkest demons, and confront an overwhelming darkness that only the King's light can overcome.

Just don't turn away from these tales, because in these stories, light shines brighter in the darkness.

This volume collects the following stories:

unLoved by David N. Alderman
Innocent Blood by Michele Archer
The Tattered Man in Farmer Jake’s Cornfield by Mark Carver
The Debt-Keeper by Elijah David
Template of the Rephaim by R.E. Diaz
The Duogla Stones by Michael Emert
The Reflecting Pool by Jess Hanna
Then Shall All the Trees of the Field by Lelia Rose Foreman
The Silver Dance by Nathan James Norman
The True Light by Nathan James Norman
Sozo by Patrick Todoroff
The Attic by John J Zelenski

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