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Release Day: Death Bloom by David N. Alderman

Today is release day for Death Bloom by David N. Alderman! This Christian mystery is now available for purchase for your Kindle, with other formats (including paperback) coming down the line.

Some dark roots are meant to stay buried... For as long as he can remember, Harvey Elder has always known Midnight City to be a place of murder and mystery. City residents are always winding up dead, usually under mysterious circumstances, or strange, unexplained happenings are constantly occurring, lending to the rumors that Midnight City is a hub for otherworldly beings. But lately, the crime rate has quickly outpaced the police and detective resources, forcing some people to flee the city into the suburbs beyond, or become police officers or detectives themselves to help stem the tide of crime.

Disgraced from his role as an official detective because of an incident involving the murder of a teenage girl, Harvey finds himself stuck in Midnight City, forced to take on menial investigations to make ends meet, including cases of missing jewelry and kidnapped pets. But when a call comes to him about the Death Rose – a flower with mythical properties – being stolen from the local botanical garden, he reluctantly decides to take the case. The pay is intriguing enough, and the opportunity could help Harvey both get out of the rut he is in and maybe even convince his ex-girlfriend to take him back.

But Harvey soon learns there’s more to this case than just a missing flower. These are the affairs of the wealthy elite of Midnight City, and they refuse to allow a washed-up detective to meddle in their societal issues. To get to the bottom of this case, Harvey will have to outmaneuver the wiles of a group of the city’s elite women while also navigating through the strange and unexplained traits of Midnight City.

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