Who We Are

The Crossover Alliance is a unique publishing company specializing in Christian fiction that contains edgy, real-world content. We weren't satisfied with the 'rules' that many Christian publishing companies have tried to pin Christian authors in - however well-intended these rules were - and so we set out to create a publishing company that both breaks many of these rules and also adheres to biblical principles. Our fiction is fearless, sometimes scary, sometimes raw and edgy. But there in the middle of it all you will find a light to help you find your way through it, you will more than likely find redemption within the darkness, and most importantly you will find fiction that is true to the story, not the rules.

What We Publish

When we say 'real-world content' in Christian fiction, you might be wondering what that covers exactly. Real-world content can mean a great many things - violence, cursing, sexual content, etc. But it can also represent themes that aren't always welcomed or addressed in Christian fiction, such as abortion, slavery, genocide, etc. We want to be a publishing company that specializes in compelling, true-to-the-story, authentic fiction while also keeping with Biblical standards. We don't try to be edgy just to be edgy. We aren't into shock-and-awe, but more into telling a story that entertains, enriches, and even sometimes digs to the deepest part of you and shows you the horrors of the world while also showing you the path through those horrors.

What We Don't Publish

There are a handful of specific genres The Crossover Alliance will not publish at this time, but may later on down the road. Books that are purely romance in nature will not be included under the banner, as there is already a HUGE market and community for this type of fiction. Young Adult fiction is another genre we are not accepting at this time. There are others that we will probably come across in the future that we will not accept, but there are so many books and so many possibilities out there, it's hard to pin them all down in a simple paragraph. If in doubt, don't hesitate to contact us!