Today's development team interview is with Nathan James Norman. Like many of our members, Nathan has been with the Crossover Alliance since the very beginning, back when it was a simple online community. Nathan pastors a church in Michigan, but also runs The Untold Podcast which brings speculative Christian fiction to your ears each month. Nathan has literary work featured in both of our short story anthologies.

Who Are You, And What Do You Write?

I’m a pastor, theologian, homiletics teacher, podcaster, and storyteller. My primary work is in effective, creative, biblical preaching. I am passionate about preaching narrative texts (especially first person sermons). I also produce the Untold Podcast – capturing the culture’s imagination through speculative fiction from a Christian worldview. To a lesser degree I write fiction. A handful of my stories have appear in the anthologies published by TCA. I’ve also had a novella series, The Shade, effectively rejected from TCA in its present form.

What Drew You To The Crossover Alliance?

I originally met David Alderman (owner) through his Black Earth series. I enjoyed the series quite a bit because it bucked against many of the trends in speculative fiction. Over the course of time, we struck up a friendship. When David began building The Crossover Alliance, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of for two reasons: First, the publishing company requires authors to adhere to a general Christian orthodoxy; Second, many of the man-made rules for content have been removed.

What Kind Of Impact Do You Think The Crossover Alliance Has Made To The Publishing Industry In The Last Year?

At the very least it’s sparked conversation. I participated in an online thread where the charge of “heresy” was made against TCA. I pointed out our central Christian doctrines and asked what was heretical about them. From there a much more helpful conversation emerged about “edgy content” and how a reader interacts with portrayals of sin in fiction.

How Has The Crossover Alliance Impacted Your Own Life As An Author And Reader?

It has challenged many of my presuppositions about content in fiction and has also helped me draw more biblical guidelines for my own writing (and reading). TCA has also helped me write fiction that’s more true to life.

How Do You See The Crossover Alliance Impacting The Publishing Industry Over The Next Year?

As TCA opens up to welcome genres outside of speculative fiction we’ll see more authors coming to the company. It’s a small publisher (for now) but it’s giving authors more freedom with their stories. With some of the forthcoming projects in development, The Crossover Alliance will soon be a much larger player in the industry.

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