Today's development team interview is with Mark Carver. Mark has been integral in the creation of the Crossover Alliance, always supporting and helping to steer the company, even if it's sometimes from the shadows. Mark's historical fiction piece, Nikolai the Penitent, will be releasing next week.

Who Are You, And What Do You Write?

My name is Mark Carver, and I write in a variety of genres, but my books are generally dark, violent, and deal with tough spiritual issues. I don’t write romance or YA or heroic stories; the books I write are usually brutal, sometimes shocking, but always with a message of redemption at the core.

What Drew You To The Crossover Alliance?

The Crossover Alliance wants to bring the kinds of books that I like to read and write to the world. There are plenty of publishers that put out sparkly-clean, sanitized Christian fiction, but there are hordes of readers and writers out there who don’t fit into these narrow parameters, so The Crossover Alliance was a natural home for me.

What Kind Of Impact Do You Think The Crossover Alliance Has Made To The Publishing Industry In The Last Year?

In just one year, The Crossover Alliance has really shaken things up for Christian fiction readers. Edgy Christian fiction has been around for a while but there has never been a publisher built on this platform before, and so many people are realizing that 1) there are many other people like them who read and write dark and edgy Christian fiction, and 2) there’s nothing wrong with craving stories that are Christian but not squeaky clean. This world has a lot of ugliness and it’s good to have books that expose this ugliness in a way that points to God.

How Has The Crossover Alliance Impacted Your Own Life As An Author Or Reader?

Certainly. It’s great being part of a community and having the freedom to write what I want instead of having someone look over my shoulder all the time, dictating what can and can’t be in my story. Of course, I have to follow the guidelines, but The Crossover Alliance wants to be a true community, rather than the master/slave relationship that many writers have with their publishers.

How Do You See The Crossover Alliance Impacting The Publishing Industry Over The Next Year?

The word will spread, the catalog will grow, and more readers and writers will realize that there is a place for those that are alienated by current Christian fiction.