Today, we are having a chat with Jess Hanna, another of the members of our development team. Jess has been with the company since day one and has provided invaluable insight into many of our projects. His supernatural thriller, Adverse Possession, is published through the Crossover, and Jess is also featured in both of our short story anthologies.

Who Are You, And What Do You Write?

My name is Jess Hanna, and I write supernatural thrillers with blood, guts, gut wrenching horror, and a heart for the lost and broken.

What Drew You To The Crossover Alliance?

The chance to connect with fellow authors and share experiences in writing and publishing. We each have unique strengths and area of expertise that have worked together to form an unstoppable team. 

What Kind Of Impact Do You Think The Crossover Alliance Has Made To The Publishing Industry In The Last Year?

I hope that it has broken down some boundaries for authors and readers who feel stuck in a rut with traditional Christian publishing. If nothing else, it has shown the world that we are committed to including more real world content in our work, and not glossing over the ugly stuff to make a quick sale.

How Has The Crossover Alliance Impacted Your Own Life As An Author Or Reader?

It has made me realize that there are many passionate, creative minds looking for a way to break through the glass ceiling. It has also allowed me to see that I can help to shape the publishing industry in a new way.

How Do You See The Crossover Alliance Impacting The Publishing Industry Over The Next Year?

Well, this year saw many firsts, and the next year shows no signs of slowing down. I expect we will continue to turn heads with the work we produce, and I look forward to impacting some hearts along the way. It has been a privilege to be a part of this venture, and I am expecting great things!