In celebration of our one-year anniversary, we'll be interviewing some of our team members about what the Crossover Alliance means to them and where they see the company going as we move into our second year. 

Today's interview is with Deborah Williams - or D.A. Williams when she's authoring - the newest member of our development team. She also has a book coming out through the Crossover in September called December's Child.

Deborah Williams (Cut).png

Who Are You, And What Do You Write?

My name is D.A. Williams. I’m a farmer’s wife, boy-mom and Texan. I write gritty Christian fiction—stories that span the secular and religious gap. It's been my mission to write books that aren't afraid to delve into topics that most Christian fiction glosses over, that will appeal to Christian readers that enjoy Koontz a little more that Rivers.

What Drew You To The Crossover Alliance?

The books that they produced is what initially caught my interest. I’m a discerning reader and I know what I like. I want books with bite, that aren't afraid to make the reader squirm a little. And the Crossover Alliance did a wonderful job introducing books that did just that. That they could do that with Christian novels—that impressed me. I knew it was something I wanted to be part of.

What Kind Of Impact Do You Think The Crossover Alliance Has Made To The Publishing Industry In The Last Year?

I think the Crossover Alliance has started to show the world that the Christian industry doesn't have to be safe. That we can put books out there that not only carry the message of Christ but do so in a way that isn't watered down or pandering. The Crossover Alliance is changing the face of the Christian publishing industry.

How Has The Crossover Alliance Impacted Your Own Life As An Author Or Reader?

The Crossover Alliance has given me a platform as an author and is allowing me to get my novel into the hands of readers. Of all the publishers out there that told me I was either “too Christian for mainstream readers” or “too edgy for Christian readers,” the Crossover Alliance saw something in my writing and for that, I’m beyond grateful. As a reader, they’ve done what very few publishers have--they've given me stories that not only keep me on the edge of my seat, but do it with a Christian message. That's something special, because so few publishers produce that sort of work, and it's such an under-served market.

How Do You See The Crossover Alliance Impacting The Publishing Industry Over The Next Year?

I see the Crossover Alliance expanding and doing great things this coming year. I think as they grow they're going to see a lot of fantastic writers come out of the woodwork, writers that they are going to be able to champion. The Crossover Alliance is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

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