As much as we were hesitant to do so in the beginning, we here at The Crossover Alliance have realized that the romance market is huge and that we'd be fools for not jumping into the deep end of this lucrative - and luscious - genre. To this end, we're excited to announce our new line of romance novels - Crossover Sweet Editions. Each romance novel is packed with so much steamy Christian goodness that you'll feel your bonnet blowing off as you read them. These titles are definitely not for the faint of heart, and you won't want your mother-in-law finding these saucy volumes on your Kindle or Nook.

The first volume of our Sweet Editions library is Temptation in a Teacup by Meredith Tamerlane O'Donnell McArthur Smith. Meredith has been writing romance titles since she was a wee lass in the mountains of Germany, and has been known to retreat to her cabin on the Matterhorn for months at a time to sketch out one of her damsel-tempting-with-sin titles.

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The heroine, Saucy McSaucypants, finds herself in a very precarious position when Sir Edward McEwen Gregor Don Sausalito arrives at the mansion for a meeting with the high count. What he believes is just a gathering for tea and crackers with the count turns into a tempestuous affair when Saucy spikes his tea with a whole lotta' temptation. Saucy might look like a simple chambermaid, but she's so much more. She's also a dancer at the local gentlemen's club, and she reads for the kids at the local library.

"Temptation in a Teacup is my finest work," Meredith said when she was interviewed by The New York Times last week. "I mean, I can relate to the main character - Saucy McSaucypants - so well because, well, she is me. I've been known to be tempted. Heck, I usually walk right into situations that I know I'll be tempted in just because I like the feeling of being tempted. Especially by sin. It's refreshing after a long, hard week working my day job at the chemical factory. The euphoria one gets from reaching that point where you can either give in to temptation or take the way out - I mean that's exhilarating. No amount of skydiving or bear wrestling can match that feeling. So, I may as well write about it, right?"

You can purchase Temptation in a Teacup now for only $156.99 for paperback, and $34.96 for ebook. Price does not include a cold shower.

Other upcoming titles in our Crossover Sweet Editions are:

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