Guest post by Michael Blaylock

Here we are again for another study for words that make grandma blush. Are they so bad, though? Let's find out together. Comments and questions are most welcome; let's discuss! Be warned, though, I'll actually be using the words in this post as to properly examine them. For other words, see Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.

And now on to part three. This one deals with more severe words, or at least ones more generally thought to be insensitive. 

Racial Slurs

We all know these, but they're so extensive, multifaceted, and offensive that I won't list them here. In other articles, I've made the point that it's more or less okay to insult someone based on their decisions (Jesus sure did). But to insult someone because of the race they were born into? Or the country? This is wrong.

John 3:16 says God loved "the world." So how can we say Syrians are more inherently evil than Americans? Or Africans or North Koreans or you-name-it? The same goes for skin colors. Christians judge right and wrong by sin, and sin is a choice, not a circumstance.

In short, deriding someone because of their race/nationality? Bad news bears, and that's not just limited to cussing.

Nether words

Here we have all descriptions of sexual organs: cock, dick, pussy, twat, and yes that infamous Dark Lord of them all, cunt. These are any words that are neither scientific nor romantic. For example, science says "penis," romance might say, "manhood," and the crass say "dick."

So what's wrong with these monikers? As base descriptions, we have another case of one word being worse than another "because I said so." "It just is," they say. Nothing "just is." Everything has a reason, even if that reason is as simple as "God said so," and he never mentioned these words.

But as the first paragraph stated, there is context for everything. Some people like certain words and others don't. Some words have a more romantic connotation than others. It's generally a good idea to consider your audience.

Other than that, use the language that's appropriate. I don't mean G-rated, I mean what makes sense in context. In a hospital, penis is the appropriate word. If you're talking about kicking a man in his junk, scientific and romantic words don't quite fit. And if you're trying to make it sound like a sensual delight, well, you get the idea.

Special note about the C-word: this has more or less replaced the F-Bomb as the worst swear word out there. Descriptor or not, almost nobody likes it, so even if it's technically okay to use, you're probably going to piss someone off.

Gender-targeting words

Ironically, many of those words I just said are okay to use are sometimes NOT okay to use by Christian standards. Describing something is one thing, but devaluing someone based on their plumbing is not okay. God made them, male and female, Genesis says, so who are we to say one is inferior to the other? Different, sure, but not inferior.

"But Mike, what about people who have had sex changes?" You're still saying one sex is better than the other in a general sense. God doesn't seem to think so, so why should we?

Thus, words like dick and pussy may be acceptable for describing a penis or vagina in certain circumstances, but they're unacceptable when used as an insult. These words (and others like them) devalue a person based on their masculinity or femininity, and cunt is the most insulting of them all because it really has no other connotations besides vagina, which means any usage calls back to the genitalia.

On the other hand, some might use these to describe someone who represents the worst stereotypical attributes of that sex. Like a man who only thinks with his dick may be a dick. To that I say...MAN that's a blurry line! Tread carefully.

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Michael Blaylock is a writer and editor with dual passions for God and art. He lives in Denver with his wife and son.