Well, here we are in a brand spankin' new year.  There's a lot to be said for new seasons. 2015 was a great year for us, as it was our first year as an online publishing company and not just a community for writers and readers of edgy Christian speculative fiction. We put out quite a few projects last year, but 2016 will be an even bigger year in regards to content. We've got quite a bit cooking under the hood right now.

Here's some of the plans we have for this year:

New Publication Projects

What's more important news coming from a publishing company than the new projects it will be putting out? The second half of 2015 saw us publishing five different books. That's a lot. In 2016, we plan on putting out about a half dozen new titles - and possibly more.

February will see the release of the second volume in David N. Alderman's Black Earth series, The Broken Daisy. November will see the publication of our third annual short story anthology. Between those two projects, we'll have some new and interesting projects coming at ya' - we just aren't going to reveal them just yet. Stay tuned!

Author Resources

Part of the original intention in creating the Crossover Alliance community back in the day was to offer a place where independent authors could come and peruse a plethora of author resources, including tips on self-editing, cover design, marketing, and networking. That never came into full fruition, but it doesn't mean it hasn't still been a goal of ours. Our plan is to set up a resource hub for all authors to come to The Crossover Alliance website and learn more about the skills it takes to be an author in today's marketplace. Look for our resource hub to be set up near the end of February.

Digital Subscriptions

For those of you wanting to pay one price and receive digital editions of our upcoming titles sent to your email without any hassle, our new subscription service is just the right ticket for you. Beginning near mid-February, we will be starting our subscription service for digital content (for bigger titles, such as Novels and Novellas). Eventually the service will extend to flash fiction and short stories.

Author Relations

When an author succeeds, the author's publishing company succeeds. More than that, when an author of ours succeeds, it lends more attention and credibility to this unique genre. We want to give our authors the best chance possible to succeed out there in the publishing world, and so we'll be crafting special author kits which will include pre-made interviews, a directory of known online reviewers, a list of applicable contests, blog tour setups, web and print graphics templates, and other resources. We plan on rolling these out to our authors in late February / early March.

Flash Fiction / Short Stories

One our goals has been to accept almost all forms of writing, including novels, novellas, short stories - and now flash fiction and short stories. Flash fiction in particular has the ability to be short, but almost more powerful than bigger works such as novels and novellas. It's become increasingly popular in recent years, and is an easy way for a skilled writer to break into the market with their unique style and tone.

This year we plan on opening ourselves up for submissions of flash fiction and short stories (apart from our short story anthologies) which will then be made available for sale via our website. We're still working out all the details regarding this, but you can expect us to begin the process of taking flash fiction and short story submissions sometime near April.


What goes with a good book? A cup of coffee or tea? A beautiful bookmark? Maybe a shirt or keychain? What about all of the above? Our plan is start rolling out pieces of awesome merchandise to go along with your favorite Crossover Alliance book. Just picture your favorite book's cover design on a Christmas ornament next holiday season. You can expect to start seeing some our book-themed merchandise rolling out sometime near May.


We have a slew of other items we'll be working hard to perfect this year. We plan on coming out with a stronger online presence, build up our community forum, and show the world that edgy Christian speculative fiction is one of the best genres around. Stay tuned for more information on these upcoming changes and remember to sign up for our email newsletter if you want the latest and greatest information straight from the horse's mouth - http://eepurl.com/boYINb. Best yet, when you do sign up for our newsletter, you'll receive a free digital edition of our first short story anthology. How's that for the first big change of 2016?