Many of you have probably heard by now that Amazon has decided to change the game a bit for those enrolled in their KDP Unlimited lending program. The KDP Unlimited program is like Netflix for the modern reader. For a nominal fee per month, readers can access thousands of books in the Kindle library through the program.

In the beginning of the program, authors were being paid per book borrowed, but starting July 1st authors will be paid per page read. And Amazon's Kindle is what determines what a page is, and pages do count if they are nothing more than an image. Kindle Unlimited is optional, and this new pricing model doesn't affect self-published authors who have not enrolled in Select or Unlimited.

What do you think of this new system? Is it good for the publishing industry for authors to be paid based on the number of pages read and not the number of books borrowed/bought? Do you think it will spark authors changing the way they format / construct their digital novels?