As many of you know, we finished our Kickstarter campaign a few weeks ago without reaching our goal of $10,000. We did hit $1870 in pledges, but because of Kickstarter's structure, we didn't receive any of that because we didn't hit the $10,000 goal we initially set our campaign at. We aren't the slightest bit dismayed though, because even though the Kickstarter didn't hit $10,o00, the campaign did reveal that there is definitely a market out there for edgy Christian speculative fiction.

We are still on track to open our doors this July under a restructured business model. This restructured model is more financially modest than the one we would have operated under had our Kickstarter reached funding, but it will enable the company to start small and build brick-by-brick as the first few years of business roll on.

Next week, we will be launching an Indiegogo campaign for funds to help our operations along. We will be setting a modest goal of $1500, and these funds will be used for cover design, marketing, and other various business expenses as we move through our first year of publishing. In return for pledges, we will be rewarding those who support us with awesome digital copies of our upcoming anthologies, and digital subscriptions to our entire first year's catalog.

If you pledged to our Kickstarter, we invite you to pledge to our Indiegogo campaign when we launch it on Wednesday, May 27th. Our campaign is set to where we will receive pledge amounts even if we don't reach our goal of $1500, because every little bit will help our company grow, especially here in the beginning.

We hope to see you all next week when we launch our campaign. And thank you to all of you who have supported us thus far. We hope to shake up Christian publishing with our unique blend of real-world content and Christ-centered speculative fiction when our company launches this summer.

David N. Alderman
Founder/Operator of The Crossover Alliance