Black Earth: End of the Innocence, a novel by David N. Alderman, is set to be re-published through The Crossover Alliance before the end of the year. In anticipation of this, and to support our current Kickstarter campaign, The Untold Podcast has crafted an audio-dramatized excerpt for all of you to enjoy. Just head over to the official link - - and give your ears a treat.

Black Earth: End of the Innocence

On the evening of his high school graduation, Nathan Pierce - plagued with visions of an immortal girl intent on killing herself - collapses on stage. When he awakens and is confronted by a blue-eyed stranger, he is left wondering if his mental instability is a consequence of the head wound he incurred in a deadly car accident days earlier.

Heather Rhodes, wracked with guilt because of the death of a newborn in a fatal car wreck, finds herself questioning her own spiritual beliefs. Unable to come to terms with the strange gift she used to protect her and Nathan in the accident, Heather wonders if it was simply a figment of her imagination.

Cynthia Ruin, aka The Pink Rabbit - school prostitute, decides that her high school graduation night would be better spent partying instead of spending time with friends and family. At a nightclub in Scottsdale, Cynthia finds more than she bargained for when a stranger from her past decides to exact his revenge on her for a prior rejection.

When hundreds of meteorites start falling from the sky, Nathan, Heather and Cynthia all come to realize that their problems are nothing compared to the global crisis. While the nations scramble to position themselves amidst the terror, the President of the United States makes it her personal mission to keep the country on the right track to becoming a world superpower, while a hostile entity known only as Absolute threatens her administration.

And then word spreads that the falling meteorites may not be meteorites at all....