Well, this is it! Our very first blog post. The fact that you're seeing this means The Crossover Alliance is one step closer to becoming a full-fledged publishing company. What started as an online community back in 2012 has evolved over the past few years into an online publishing entity. It's not just a thought anymore, this is a reality that is coming into greater existence each and every day.

There's no doubt that there is a need for our type of fiction. What type of fiction is that, you ask? Edgy Christian Speculative Fiction. It's speculative fiction - science fiction, fantasy, horror, etc. - with Christ-centered themes and real-world content. The simple fact is, Christian publishing companies don't want our type of edgy content tainting their waters. And secular publishing companies don't want to include a lot of Christ-centered fiction in their catalogs.

That's why The Crossover Alliance was created - to bridge the gap between the two types of fiction and revolutionize the publishing industry. We carry a high regard for Biblical standards and high quality writing. Our motto - Where Light Shines Brighter In The Darkness - means we aim to reveal the light of Christ in the darkest areas of humanity.

Next week we are going to be launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for our first year's catalog. These funds will be used for professional editing, cover design, exclusive Kickstarter rewards, and other various business expenses. Take a peek at our video:

Our first year's catalog is going to be big! Our goal is to publish at least six books each year, but we're expected to go above and beyond that this first year because we have many well-known authors adding their books to our stunning library. Some of the titles you may see in our first year's catalog are:

I am really excited to share this new venture with you, and if you want to know the basics of Our Mission, Our Core Values, or Our Rating System, please check out the appropriate pages on our website. And please give some thought into supporting our Kickstarter campaign when it starts up next week. You'll see another blog post from me when it's close to launching.

David N. Alderman - Founder of The Crossover Alliance