Without A Vision

Yaasha Moriah

The power of her visions is fading…

The Sleeper returns from a thirty-year absence to cast a killing sleep on the citizens of the city, bringing out the Alpha Team – superpowered Guardians – to battle him. When the Alpha Team saves Justin, a lone survivor of the madman’s attacks, they soon realize they are fighting against someone more diabolical than any other enemy they have faced before.

As the nature of the mysterious Sleeper is uncovered, Vision finds that her connection to the Numinous – a being that grants her the Awakening – is weakening. Can the Alpha Team stop an enemy powerful enough to destroy their own? Will they be able to protect Justin – an unassuming civilian – when they can’t even protect their own members? And will Vision be able to summon her gift to save the city, her friends, and herself?

Publication Date: Dec 2017 // Paperback ISBN: 978-1945712067 // 66 pages

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