What Authors Can Expect

At the Crossover Alliance, our goal is to shed light on a unique genre that no other publishing house is willing to tackle, and to bring talented authors into our fold to help prove that quality fiction can cross the line between Christian and secular without compromising biblical values or foregoing solid and believable content.

Our contract(s) are tailored around our unique design and have been written to be as specific as possible. You will have an opportunity to read through our contract if your work is accepted by the Crossover Alliance, and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have in regards to it.

Please understand that this is a generalization of the major things you can expect from our company in regards to novels/novellas. Anthologies and short stories are structured differently. For the finer details, make sure to read our contract thoroughly.


Publishing - At this time, we use Createspace to print paperback editions of the manuscripts in our catalog.

Editing - We will appraise manuscripts on a case-by-case basis and determine if they are in need of a professional edit before proceeding with the publishing process. We do not currently have the ability to house a full-time dedicated editor to our staff, although that is a goal of ours for the future. We have a third-party editor who has generously agreed to offer a 20% discount on editing services for anyone we refer to them. We do have a team that will proofread your manuscript and read it thoroughly to make sure it lines up with the biblical standards and mission of the Crossover Alliance, but please keep in mind this is completely different than a full blown edit.

Cover Design - We will provide cover design for your accepted manuscript. In the event that you provide your own cover design, we will request the rights to the design for the length of the manuscript's contract.

Author Input - We will offer for the author to review a proof of their completed and formatted manuscript and cover design and give their input to any changes they feel may need to be made. The Crossover Alliance does reserve the final determination for what is published.

Marketing - We will do our best to market your work through various online channels, particularly social media. We do expect authors to promote their own work as well. All authors should have an author platform which consists of at least a website and/or blog which should be utilized to promote themselves and their work. We will work in partnership with authors to facilitate reviews for their work, and we do have plans to market to bookstores in the future as the company expands.


We pay royalties within 45 days from the last day of each quarter.

We offer 50/50 royalties (*minus production cost, processing fees, and discounts) on all novels/novellas, merchandise sales (from novels/novellas), and on all books purchased from distributors, bookstores, vendors, organizations, outlets, etc. Royalties will be paid to the author contingent on payment received from these arenas.

We offer 50/50 royalties (*minus production cost, processing fees, and discounts) on all audio novelizations.


Our contract requests exclusive publishing rights, cover design rights, audio rights, and basic merchandising rights.

Our contract does not request translation rights, motion picture rights, or any other rights related to your work.

If the company is sold, rights will be transferred to the new organization. If the company goes out of business, rights will be reverted to the author.

Author Copies

Authors will receive five physical copies of their published book. (Does not apply to the Crossover anthologies.)


We offer a 25% discount off the cover price of any books you would like to purchase for yourself/events/etc. *Royalties are not paid on author-purchased books.

* Production fees are any costs associated with printing physical copies of the book, the cost of manufacturing merchandise, or the cost of creating a physical copy of an audio novelization or drama. Processing fees are any fees that Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, or other online retailers or distributors or bookstores charge to process the sale or transaction of a book, piece of merchandise, or audio file. Discounts are any discounts being applied to the sale of items related to the author’s work. Minus these fees, an author will receive a 50/50 royalty on the end cash sale.

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