We’re Back and Celebrating Three Years!

As you can tell by the title of this post, we’re back. Well, we didn’t really go anywhere, rather, I went somewhere. Although I don’t usually wax poetic here on TCA’s blog, I figured it would only be right to become a bit transparent about what’s been going on in my own life over the last year as it pertains to The Crossover Alliance.

It was late September of last year when my wife walked out of our apartment and a lengthy road to (involuntary) divorce began. The circumstances and reasons surrounding this event aren’t all that important to the purpose of this blog post. What is important is that the divorce put me in some pretty deep mud, spiritually speaking. Instead of focusing on the company, I found that I had to focus all of my energy on saving my marriage (in the beginning), and pulling myself back together (after the divorce). During that process, I slipped out of my daily duties with social networking, our blogs and newsletter, and even some of our projects. I did very personal post on the event on my website, which you can read here.

It’s taken me until these last couple months to really come back to myself, and I wouldn’t even be at this point without the grace and love of God.

I’m fortunate that a fantastic team was put in place before my divorce hit. Because even though I went off the radar for a bit, they kept things running behind the scenes, giving The Crossover Alliance coal in it’s furnace to keep the ship running while I wrestled the demons I never thought I’d have to face in my lifetime.

Now we’re in July of 2018 and about to celebrate our 3rd year as a publishing company, and I couldn’t be more blessed!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for sticking with us as a publishing company. We’re definitely treading new waters with our unique brand of Christian fiction, and every single hand that has supported us or jumped into the fray to help has been and always will be greatly appreciated. Your support of our company does not go unnoticed.


Now, as it’s our 3 year anniversary, it seems like an appropriate time to get things back on track. So this month we are resurrecting our blog, re-initiating our email newsletter (Friday, July 13th), building out our forum (Friday, July 27th), and even starting our monthly video series (Wednesday, July 18th)! And we have a special surprise next week, so make sure to attend our Facebook event, Alliance All Access, on Wednesday, July 18th!


We have a bounty of exciting projects coming your way! We are currently working on our 4th anthology, a monster-themed collection of fantastic short stories, which will debut near Halloween this year. We’ve signed on Steve Rzasa and his superhero-themed novel, Airfoil: Origins. We’re currently working on our first romance title, The Oyster Heart, by Alana A. Wellington. And we just signed on our very first young adult fantasy title, which we’ll announce next week. All these projects are in the works, and release dates will be announced as we get closer to the completion of these fantastic novels!

Thank you, again, for supporting The Crossover Alliance in all of our projects and pursuits. We have many exciting things in store in the coming months, and new team members joining the roster. If you want to stay up to date on the latest news coming out of our publishing company, please sign up for our email newsletter.

And now, let’s push forward and continue to bring our unique style of Christian fiction to the masses!

David N Alderman
Founder/Operator of The Crossover Alliance

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