Monsters: The Crossover Alliance Anthology V4

(By Multiple Authors)

Sometimes the monster is within...

Monsters. Some lurk in the shadows, waiting to strike at the opportune time. Some make themselves fully known, wreaking glorious havoc and destruction. Heroes rise and fall, slaying these monsters with sword and gun.

But some monsters live within us. Couched within the darkness of our hearts, feeding on the pulsing disease of sin, these monsters are not so easily recognizable or overcome. They twist the heart of man like a weedy vine, and cause even the greatest of heroes to fall.

Come marvel at a collection of short stories ripe with the horrors of our own internal struggles against sin and death, where real-world content merges with Christian fiction to show the battle that takes place not just against the monsters we see, but the deadlier ones we don't.


A Werewolf Love Letter by E.S. Marsh

The Ghost of the Mountain by Evan David

TC28 by Kristin L. Norman

The Hell Hole by Jess Hanna

Skookum Bluff by Michael E. Penman

How to Bury a Child Molester by Nathan James Norman

A Father's Pride by Clayton Webb

Nebuchadnezzar's Curse by Christopher J. Weeks

The Warrior by Jess Hanna

The Absolution of Oblivion by Andrew P. Newton

Publication Date: Oct 2018 // Paperback ISBN: 978-1945712081 // 166 pages

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