Superheroes: The Crossover Alliance Anthology V3

(By Multiple Authors)

Some pursue heroism, others are thrust into it.

Superheroes. They live among us, some hidden in plain sight, others as well-known celebrities. All carry a burden and a purpose: to destroy the evils of this world and keep the common man safe from harm.

But evil is a strong thread that refuses to be cut. How much sacrifice will be demanded to destroy that which seeks to destroy us, and are there enough heroes to do the job?

Experience a collection of short stories brimming with the struggles of heroism and the dark side of villainy, where real-world content merges with Christian fiction to produce a unique storytelling atmosphere.


The Bald Man by Timothy G. Huguenin

The Last Call by Kristin L. Norman

sinEater by D.A. Williams

Hierro by Jen Finelli

Living Proof by Michelle Levigne

Airfoil: Hotspots by Steve Rzasa

Someone Is Aiming For You by JD Cowan

Without Blemish: A Philosophy of Preaching by Nathan James Norman

The Trojan Initiative by Clayton Webb

Fly Like A Bird by Rosemary E. Johnson

Chronostream’s Father by Adam David Collings

Publication Date: Mar 2017 // Paperback ISBN: 978-1945712043 // 234 pages

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