An Open Letter About Purpose

Pardon me while I ruminate a bit on past and current events. It's been a long trek from when the online community known as The Crossover Alliance (birthed in San Francisco, California over four years ago) was upgraded to a small press. It seems like just yesterday, and yet it also seems like a lifetime ago. It was a little over two years ago that my wife decided to leave me. It, too, feels like just yesterday, and yet a million years ago. Two events. One celebratory, and one incredibly devastating. You're probably wondering what the two have to do with each other. When my wife left me, I didn't know how to react. We had twelve years of marriage, a child, and a long, perilous, and fantastic journey of walking together with the Lord. And then it all came crashing down in an instant. Literally, in an instant. I would have had more warning if a semi truck had T-boned me while I was sitting in a fast food drive-thru. That devastation left me crippled in more ways than I would ever care to admit. And through that crippling, I pushed The Crossover Alliance to the side. I had…

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We’re Back and Celebrating Three Years!

As you can tell by the title of this post, we're back. Well, we didn't really go anywhere, rather, I went somewhere. Although I don't usually wax poetic here on TCA's blog, I figured it would only be right to become a bit transparent about what's been going on in my own life over the last year as it pertains to The Crossover Alliance. It was late September of last year when my wife walked out of our apartment and a lengthy road to (involuntary) divorce began. The circumstances and reasons surrounding this event aren't all that important to the purpose of this blog post. What is important is that the divorce put me in some pretty deep mud, spiritually speaking. Instead of focusing on the company, I found that I had to focus all of my energy on saving my marriage (in the beginning), and pulling myself back together (after the divorce). During that process, I slipped out of my daily duties with social networking, our blogs and newsletter, and even some of our projects. I did very personal post on the event on my website, which you can read here. It's taken me until these last couple months to really come…

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August Update: Volunteer Opportunities, Realm Makers, and New Books!

Welcome to our new website, fellow Crossover fans. We switched website platforms just a little while ago, and we’ve been hard at work on refining the new site, building out some awesome projects, and pouring through a glorious amount of fantastic submissions that have come our way. We have a lot of exciting news to share with all of you, so let’s go over the high points! Website Our website has received a fresh coat of paint, and we’re still building onto its foundation as we move through the next few months. Today, we added on a new forum for everyone to chat in. We will also be incorporating all of our old blog posts soon, so we can start discussions again regarding real-world content in Christian fiction. We’re still building out the mobile version, and we have plans to include a mobile app in the near future. Volunteer Positions Are you looking to get your feet wet in the publishing industry? We just opened our doors to some job opportunities, including Acquisitions Editor and Book Editor. The positions are on a volunteer basis, but will give you real-world experience working for a small press, along with some other perks. Head to to check out…

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