Life: The Crossover Alliance Anthology V5

Life. Breathed into each of us by God, this precious gift has often been neglected, overlooked, and even sought out to be destroyed. Through every struggle though, there are stories of victory over death, where life is preserved, saved, protected in even the darkest and direst of times. In our current cultural climate, life isn’t always cherished as it should be, and the innocent are often the ones who pay for such evil. Pro-Choice and Pro-Life have been at odds with each other for decades as one seeks to preserve, while the other enables the taking of the innocent. We want your stories highlighting the gift that is life for our 5th annual short story anthology! Head to our submissions page and follow the guidelines to get your story to us. Submissions are open from Wednesday, September 25th to Sunday, December 1st!

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Sexual Content in Christian Fiction

Of all the different types of content that has been ‘banned’ from being included in Christian fiction, I think the most controversial is sexual content. I think the main reason for this is that many worry putting sexual content in Christian fiction will endanger readers of Christian fiction by eliciting sexual thoughts/tendencies. As much as I understand where many people are coming from with this very legitimate attitude, I think if sexual content is placed in Christian fiction in a responsible manner, it can add to the story and reveal deeper truths about sin and possibly lead to redemption. In reality, how many of us struggle with sex, either in regards to behavior or thoughts? Sex is a natural, God-given gift, and it is one that is constantly abused and misunderstood by both Christians and non-Christians alike. I’m sure that all of us have someone in our circle of influence who is struggling with their own sexual vices. Whether we know of these struggles is a different story, but I guarantee you that sexual sin and the consequences of it reach more people than many of us know. Lately, I’ve noticed society becoming a more upfront (than usual) about sexuality. Sexual…

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