Black Earth: The Broken Daisy

David N. Alderman

The stars have fallen, and the world is tilting into darkness...

"From dust you came, to ash you go." - These terrifying words are found spray-painted on an office wall in Tucson, Arizona. It is a message left by Legion, an otherworldly entity that traveled to Earth in the fallen vessels. Now Legion is enveloping the world in darkness, disintegrating almost everything in its path.

In the midst of the chaos, Nathan Pierce is on the run for forging the president's mandatory bar code tattoo. With a bounty on his head, Nathan finds an unexpected ally in Cynthia Ruin, who agrees to help him save his sister, Daisy, from being executed for treason. Surrounded by suspicion and doubt, Nathan struggles to stay one step ahead of the world that's against him, and keep tabs on Cynthia, who may or may not end up selling him out in the end.

Publication Date: Feb 2016 // Paperback ISBN: 978-0692625620 // 502 pages

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