Airfoil: Origins
Steve Rzasa

Drake City needs a superhero.

Brandon Tusk is a dedicated librarian and a struggling father who would give anything to hold his wife again. When he fatefully discovers a mysterious medallion endowing him with the power to manipulate gravity, he finds he can suddenly stop bullets, fly, and stop evildoers.

His new powers pull him into a centuries-long battle between the Garrison and the Ashen, two organizations that control the medallions and seek to keep their use hidden from the world at large. As a mysterious stranger trains Brandon relentlessly to be a weapon of the Garrison, Brandon forms his own plans with the medallion, choosing instead to fight crime, to make his city safer, to show his son that good can be achieved.

But there are other forces at work—dark forces unsatisfied with the cold war waged by the medallion holders. Their plans will threaten everything and everyone Brandon cherishes.

Despite everyone's intentions with the medallions, one thing is clear: Drake City needs a superhero.

It needs Airfoil.

Publication Date:Oct 2019 

In celebration of Steve Rzasa’s novel, Airfoil: Origins, download your free copy of Airfoil: Repercussions!

Brandon Tusk grapples with an extremist group threatening the citizens of Drake City. Even worse is Brandon’s struggle against his inner demons.

Download here! Airfoil Repercussions – PDF Edition

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